Product description

The PCIe-PoE350 is a perfect combination of server-levelGigabit controller and 802.at PoE+ feature. It conforms with 802.3at-2009 standard, and each port can provide up to 25.5W power. This board applies the server-level Intel® i350 Gigabit controller, which brings many advance features like checksum offloading, segmentation offloading and intelligent interrupt generation/throttle, and these features can greatly improve network performance and reduce CPU utilization at the same time. Moreover, its unibus, multi-ethernet-port topology structure can largely reduce hardware resource and improve the compatibility while several ethernet cards are inserted.

The server-level network performance of the board will particularly benifit the machine vision field, cause its 25.5W PoE power supplied by the each ethernet card makes it easy to tackle the strict power requirement of security cameras.

    • Intel® i350 Series Chip

    • Conform with IEEE802.3AT/AF (25.5W Per Port) Power Standard

    • PCI Express® X4 2.0

    • Support 4×Independent Gigabit Ethernet Ports (48V or 53V)

    • PoE Power Control Feature for Every Port

    • 10/100/1000Mbps Self Adaptation Converting