The purpose of the Internet of Things (IoT) is connected world offers improvements for both business and society.  Achieve the goal involves advancements like business models that will lead to new revenue channels, a better customer experience, and new efficiencies in supply chains and production facilities. Realizing the benefits of IoT requires analytics insights derived from streaming data that combines with other relevant information inside and outside the organization. Equipment like computers, motherboards, monitors, and machine vision controllers are essential for various retail applications.


Maxtang products combine with IoT solutions in smart transportation applications in the retail market can help moving merchandise more efficiently. Examples like demand-aware warehouse fulfillment- the automation and robotics driven by online and in-store shopping demand, IoT allows us to monitor sales opportunities in real-time and tracks missed in-store sales, taking supply and demand planning to the next level. In the shopping mall, connecting several cameras and sensors with the computer helps analyze the traffic helps improve customer’s shopping experience.

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