Corporate Responsibility

We view Corporate Responsibility not only as a business responsibility,

but also as an opportunity to create lasting impact on the society

Maxtang’s commitment is to hold ourselves to high standards of integrity, deliver the highest quality products, services, ethical behavior, and corporate governance, and utilize the resources of our business to serve the public good while delivering growth and value to customers, partners and employees.

As a Company, we seek to maintain high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do. Company decisions are driven by what is right for our valued customers. We believe we can achieve most when we work together on practical things that make a difference. 'Every little helps' can become a great deal when everyone pulls in the same direction. And we are committed to our employees, to the environment in which we live and to the communities we serve worldwide.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy publicly declares our commitment to conducting business ethically, legally, and in a manner that is fiscally, environmentally, and socially responsible, while delivering sustainable value and strong financial performance.

towards Community…

We support the communities in which we live and work by donating time, talent and resources to organizations that embrace our spirit of inclusion.

We invest in research and partnership programs that prepare and inspire technical engineers for careers in science, technology, and engineering. Our goal is to help create the next generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

towards Employees…

We recognize the talent, diversity and integrity of our people drive our success, Maxtang is committed to discovering more ways to create a workplace where our employees - and our business - can thrive.

We recognize the challenge of balancing professional achievement and personal well-being. And we understand that the more that's asked of us as a business, the more we rely on our employees to advance our vision. We work hard every day to help employees succeed, by providing resources to improve them by providing more opportunities to get involved in the communities where they live.

Whether through a culture that values inclusion and encourages engagement, or through new programs and tools that advance our physical and emotional well-being, we are always working to make Maxtang an exciting place that the best people are proud to be a part of.

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