Intel® Broadwell-U Processor
The Broadwell-U processor has 1.9 billion transistors within them, 22% better 3D graphics performance, 50% faster video conversion, 4% better productivity, and 1.5hr longer battery life which is applicable compared to the previous generation. These architectural improvements enhance the per transistor performance and deliver lower leakage so that the product is more performance and efficiency focused.
Dual Displays
The VHHM-10 features HDMI®+mini HDMI®,
supports multiple displays, makes it far easier
and faster to use multiple programs simultaneously.
Instead of having to switch between full-screen windows,
programs can be put on the second monitor 
making for fewer clicks and faster workflow.
Rich I/O Interfaces
Features two RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps ethernet controller,
1xSATA3.0 and mSATA for storage, addition mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for expansion.
A rich I/O interface includes 2x USB3.2, 4xUSB2.0, 2xHDMI®, and 1xCOM with standard 19V DC-in carters most market’s requirements.
Built-in Wi-Fi
Fast wireless connectivity
Built-in Bluetooth
Data transmission convenient
Product description

Maxtang’s VHHW-10 fanless embedded mini-PC incorporated the Intel Broadwell processors, offers you greater computing power with cost advantages. Single-channel SO-DIMM DDR3L for its memory, dual display via HDMI® and mini-HDMI®. A rich i/o interface includes 2xLAN, 1xCOM, 2xUSB3.2, and 4xUSB2.0 meets most market’s requirement. It provides an excellent customer experience, a long-lasting life expectancy for future development.

Based on a small form factor, as its name states, it is great for space-saving. It supports VESA mounting, has a mini-PCIe for WiFi, and is desktop ready for easy installation. Fanless construction not only overcomes noise challenges but also can be a great fit for various applications.

    • Intel® Broadwell-U Processor 

    • Single Channel SO-DIMM DDR3L up to 8GB

    • Dual Display via HDMI®+mini HDMI®

    • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet 

    • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    • Compact Fanless design, low power consumption

    • Aluminum enclosure, Ready to use

Technical Parameters



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