Power at its Core
The Intel® Broadwell-U processor offers you greater computing power, high performance with cost advantages. It provides an excellent customer experience, a long-lasting life expectancy for future development.
Wide Applications
Low power consumption architecture, high performance and compact design, great for various applications.
Industrial Controlling
Smart School
Digital Signage
Comprehensive I/O ports
Multiple display via HDMI®, VGA and LVDS or eDP. A rich interface includes 10COM, 2LAN, 2USB3.2 and 6USB2.0 for most market’s requirement.
Product description

The Maxtang mini-ITX BW10 embedded motherboard is based on Intel® Broadwell-U processors, provides a complete PC platform with high performance. A single channel SO-DIMM DDR3L up to 8GB for its memory and SATA3.0, mSATA for its storage. Intel® HD graphics (based on CPU) for display via HDMI®, VGA, and eDP/LVDS. Rich interfaces include 10xCOM, 2xLAN, 2xUSB3.2 and 6xUSB2.0 caters most market’s requirements. This industrial mini-ITX motherboard offers a lot of functionality right off the rear panel and its internal headers. It is composed of high-quality components intended for a long-life operation that is perfect for industrial environments. It retains a robust design just like all other Maxtang products with stability, reliability, and cost advantages.


    l    CPU: Intel® Broadwell-U Celeron®, Core Processors  

    l    Memory: Single Channel SO-DIMM DDR3L up to 8 GB  

    l    Display: Multiple display via HDMI®, VGA, LVDS/eDP  

    l    Ethernet: 10/100/1000Mbps

    l    Storage: SATA3.0, mSATA

    l    Expansion: Mini PCIe for WiFi

    l    Power: 12V DC input


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