Fanless Industrial Embedded pc
The Maxtang DXAL-10 is a reliable and powerful industrial embedded computer designed for complex industrial conditions. It features the latest 12th Gen Intel® Alder Lake P or U series CPU, with options for either 10 cores/12 threads or 6 cores/8 threads. The embedded PC supports up to 64GB of dual-channel SO-DIMM DDR4 memory and offers up to four-displays with HDMI®2.0
Rugged Embedded Computer
This embedded system is an ideal computing platform designed to withstand harsh conditions,
including dust, heat, and contaminants. Its fanless construction eliminates problematic
structural elements, ensuring durability and increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF).

As a result, it offers high reliability and extends the platform's lifecycle. It is well-suited for
various applications such as Industrial Automation, Network Security, Medical Equipment,
Surveillance,Digital Signage, and Smart Transportation.
Functional Interfaces You Need 
DXAL10 fanless embedded PC offers a wide range of I/O ports:4x USB 3.2 and 4x USB 2.0 for peripheral connection, 2x LAN ports for network connectivity, and 6x COM ports for industrial device communication.Flexible design allows seamless integration into diverse industrial automation systems. Additionally, it includes an onboard M.2 slot for a 2280 NVMe SSD and the option to expand storage with a 2.5-inch SATA3.0 HDD, providing up to 2TB of storage capacity.
Product description

The Maxtang DXAL-10 is a reliable and powerful industrial computer designed for use in

complex industrial environments. Equipped with the latest Intel® Alder Lake U series Core

i3, i5 processors. The pc supports up to 64GB of dual-channel SO-DIMM DDR4 memory

and features up to 4 HDMI®2.0 ports, allowing for multiple displays. Its versatile I/O array

and flexible expansion capacity make it well-suited for a wide range of industrial

automation applications, including vision inspection, motion control, and surveillance.


One of the key advantages of the DXAL10 is its fanless construction. This design not only

overcomes contaminant and noise challenges presented by harsh IA environments but also

eliminates problematic structural elements that negatively affect MTBF. As a result, the

platform has a longer lifecycle expectancy than other industrial PCs, with a robust design

that is similar to other Maxtang industrial product lines at a cost-effective price point.

Overall, the Maxtang DXAL10 is an ideal computing platform for industrial automation

applications that demand both reliability and high performance.

    • CPU: Intel® Alder Lake i5-1235u or i3-1215u

    • Memory: Dual Channel SO-DIMM DDR4-3200MHz up to 64GB

    • Display: Intel® Integrated Graphics via 4xHDMI® 2.0

    • I/O Ports: 4xUSB3.2, 4xUSB2.0. 2xLAN, 6xCOM

    • Ethernet: 10/100/1000/2500Mbps

    • Storage: SATA3.0, M.2_2280 for NVMe SSD

    • Dimension: 255mm x 220mm x 60mm (10x8.7x2.4-inch)

    • Power: 19V DC-in

Technical Parameters



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