Beyond Boundaries
With 4 DP equipped, the AIV1605 multiplies your screen area and goes beyond the traditional limits of desktop computing. With multiple monitors, games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you would become more productive.
EYEFINITY technology
The cutting-edge eyefinity technology provides you with more stunning display
possibilities. AIV1605 can power up to 4 independent screens in 4K resolution
via DisplayPort, and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays,
delivering stunning rich and immersive visual experience.
Rich I/O Interfaces
AMD SenseMI Technology
With this technology, Ryzen™ processors use true machine intelligence to accelerate performance.
8xUSB Ports
It provides with 2x USB3.0 and 6x USB2.0, catering to most requirements in the market.
Product description

The new Maxtang Mini PC AIV1605 is based on the AMD® Ryzen™ V1605B (quad-core) and provides a complete PC platform with high performance. Coming from the embedded V1000 processor family family, this CPU combines the incredible performance of the pioneering “Zen” architecture and “Vega” GPU in a single chip with thermal design power (TDP) as low as 15W. Four independent 4K+ DP ports are supported in addition to dual-channel DDR4 SO-DIMM memory, dual 1-Gigabit Ethernet controllers, and M.2 expansion for Wi-Fi and SSD modules. The TPM module for added security is also optional. The AIV1605 also has rich interfaces as 6 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0, 2 x Mic-in, 2 x Line-out and 2 x LAN, 2x COM catering to most requirements in the market.

The 4xDP interfaces can support the Eyefinity technology, including tiled display SLS (4x1,3x1,2x1etc..) & mixed Tiled display (2x2 etc…). Thus the AIV1605 is an ideal solution for applications requiring high-resolution and multi-display products, like electronic gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive digital signage, thin clients, or PDS terminals. The AIV1605 can also act as a high speed communications front-end like a mini-server.

    • CPU: Ryzen™ Embedded V1605B

    • Memory: Dual channel SO-DIMM DDR4 (max 32 GB)

    • Display: Up to 4 DP displays

    • Ethernet: Support dual 1GbE ethernet cards

    • Rich I/O Ports: 4xDP, 2xUSB3.0, 6xUSB2.0, 2xLAN, 2xCOM, 2xMic-in, 2xLine-out

    • Power: 12V DC input

    • Security: TPM 2.0 supported (optional)

Technical Parameters

AIV1605 Specifications.jpg

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