Alder Lake/Raptor Lake Processor with Z690/Q670/H670 
The ALD-75 ATX Motherboard is designed for high performance and can handle demanding industrial applications with ease. Its powerful Intel Alder Lake-S and Raptor Lake Processors, combined with up to 128GB of UDIMM DDR4 memory, make it capable of handling intensive workloads and applications, such as automation, data processing, and manufacturing.
Wide Application
It provides a great user experiences with improved productivity.
Rich I/O Interfaces
Features with two 1-Gigabit Ethernet controllers, 1x M.2 + 4xSATA for storage,  a rich interface as 6x COM, 6 x USB2.0, 6 x USB3.2, Line-in, Line-out, and Mic-in, this ATX motherboard caters to most market requirements.

Product description

The ALD-75 ATX motherboard is based on the Intel Alder Lake-S series and Raptor Lake proces-sor with Z690/Q670/H670 Chipset, providing a complete PC platform with powerful perfor-mance. It supports dual displays in addition to four UDIMM DDR4 memory; features Intel i219 and i226 Ethernet controllers, up to 2.5GbE for high-speed communication. It has four SATA plus M.2 for storage; and a rich I/O interface that includes 6xCOM, 6 x USB2.0, 6 x USB3.2, and up to 7xPCIe for greater expansion. 

The ALD-75 is an ideal solution for various industrial applications, it retains a robust design that can cope with extreme conditions. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience with a reliable product for more flexibility.

    • CPU: Intel Alder Lake-S/Raptor Lake Processors

    • Memory: 4x UDIMM DDR4 Up to 128GB 

    • Display: Integrated Graphics display via HDMI+DVI-I(VGA)

    • Ethernet Controllers: 1xIntel i219+1xIntel i225

    • Storage: 1xM.2 for NVMe SSD, 4xSATA

    • Expansion: 1*PCIe2X, 1*PCIe16X, 5*PCIe4X(Z690) or 4*PCIe4X(Q670/H670)

    • Power: ATX_24PIN + 2*8PIN