Product description

The MS01 is the perfect solution for many industrial automation, quality assurance, surveillance and scientific applications. Based on Intel processor+FPGA architecture, it supports windows 10 and Linux OS. This camera is equipped with 0.3MP-10MP Sensor, providing fast image data acquisition. This compact, robust camera offers 1×12V, 2×USB3.0, 1×GbE, 2×HDMI, which allows the camera to meet the requirement of even the most demanding applications. Also it supports master-slave mode and multi-machine-linkage-control.

    • Intel Processor+FPGA architecture, support Windows 10/Linux OS

    • 0.3MP-10MP Sensor, Fast image data acquisition

    • 1×12V, 2×USB3.0, 1×GbE, 2×HDMI

    • Support master-slave mode and multi-machine-linkage-control

    • Ip67 protection

    • Operating temp.: 0~50℃, storage temp.: -30~70℃