Rich I/O Interface
The HWD70 is designed to support 10 USB, PCIe X16, PCIe X4, PCI,M.2, SATA3.0, SATA2.0, and mSATA.
You would have enough options to select your add-on cards to realize the required function. It's also an economic choice for you.
Application Cases
This product provides you with great experiences and helps you effeiciently achieve your goals.
High-Performance Computing System for Simulator Training System
Back-end Testing: IC Test Handler Machine Automation Solution
Real-time Security Facility Monitoring Solution
Back-end Packaging: Automated Inspection and Sorting
I/O ports
Product description

The HWD70 is a micro ITX motherboard based on the Intel Haswell LGA1150 CPU with B85 chipset. It’s designed with rich interfaces to meet all kinds of requirements for data processing, transmission, and displaying.

The high performance and low power consumption reach a balance and make it suitable for various complicated application scenarios. What’s more, the customization, including onboard DDR, 4G module, Wi-Fi, is also optional for customers.

    • Intel Haswell CPU + PCH B85

    • Memory: dual channel DDR3 (max 16 GB)

    • I/O Interface: 4x USB3.0 + 2x USB2.0 + 4x USB3.0 (onboard pins)

    • Display: HDMI1.4 + VGA + VGA (onboard pins)

    • Ethernet: Support dual 1GbE ethernet cards

    • Storage: SATA3.0, SATA2.0, mSATA,

    • Expansion: M.2, PCIe X4, PCIe X16, PCI

    • Power: ATX_24PIN + 4PIN