Intel Broadwell-U Processor
The Broadwell-U processor has 1.9 billion transistors within them, 22% better 3D graphics performance, 50% faster video conversion, 4% better productivity, and 1.5hr longer battery life which is applicable compared to the previous generation. These architectural improvements enhance the per transistor performance and deliver lower leakage so that the product is more performance and efficiency focused.
Fanless, Ventless, 
The IXBW35 provides a powerful performance with efficiency 
and reliability combined. Its fully made of aluminum enclosure 
with fanless design, intend to protect internal components from 
dust and debris in harsh industrial environment.

Rich I/O Interfaces
Features with 2x LAN, 6x COM, multiple display ports, VGA optional, caters to most market requirements.
Intel  Processor
Stay ahead in the digital world. Powerful performance with low power consumption. A great user experience of vivid content creation.
Multiple Display
Display via HDMI, DP, VGA (optional), Intel UHD graphics. Expanded visual experience, great for multitasking
Product description

The IXBW-35 is a small form factor embedded industrial PC based on Intel Haswell/Broad-well-U Processor. It supports single-channel SO-DIMM DDR3L up to 8GB with a TDP rate of 15W. Multiple displays via HDMI, DP, optional VGA with Intel Integrated Graphic. A rich interface that includes 2xLAN, 6xCOM(or 5xCOM+VGA), 3xUSB3.2, and 5xUSB2.0 caters to most market requirements.

The IXBW-35 is an ideal solution for various applications. It has a low power consumption, great for energy saving. It retains the robust design of all Maxtang product lines with cost advantages. Provides a great user experience, increases productivity with stability and reliability.

    • Intel Broadwell/Haswell Processor    

    • Supports Single Channel SO-DIMM DDR3L up to 8GB 

    • Intel Integrated Graphics, Display via DP, HDMI

    • Rich I/O ports: 3 x USB3.2, 5 x USB2.0, 2 x LAN, 6xCOM

    • mSATA, SATA3.0 for Storage, M.2 for WiFi

    • Fanless Design with Aluminum Enclosure

    • Power:12V/19V DC-in, Low Power Consumption