2020-04-17 11:22:24
Since March 2020, all Maxtang’s employees have resumed work, ending their home office for more than a month. To ensure the safety of our employees, Maxtang makes its best efforts to maintain normal production and services for customers all over the world.
Maxtang strictly abides by the enterprise regulations on the resumption of work by Chinese government, disinfecting the office environment and elevators, providing employees with anti-epidemic masks, and checking the employees' body temperature every day. Maxtang also actively assists with the epidemic prevention work of the industrial park to jointly guarantee the safety of our employees and the park.
Since March, Maxtang has resumed office work and our services. At present, all consulting, customization services and support are available. Customers can contact us via the contact methods as stated on out official website. In addition, customers can also come to visit our company with safety precautions taken.
Maxtang has fully started production, and the impact of the epidemic is unlikely to affect our production. Chinese government and enterprises have made great efforts to protect the safety and health of employees in production recovery.
Due to the reduction in the number of flights affected by the epidemic situation, the goods need to be queued for transportation, and the customs clearance has strengthened the supervision of epidemic prevention products, so the overall logistics transportation time will be extended. In addition, transportation costs have also increased to some extent, customers can contact us to inquire about the transportation of goods in specific countries and channels.
In the fight with COVID-19, our biggest wish is to ensure the normal operation of the business and meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. We hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy and overcome the difficulties together.
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